I’m Bee, an independent female artist with over 13 years of experience working with businesses and individuals to bring their creative visions to life through the art of hand drawn illustration.

Why illustration?

I’ve always been an artist, ever since I could hold a paintbrush and received my first ever Windsor & Newton watercolour palette at the ripe age of 4 years old (which I still have!).

Creating has always been at the forefront of my goals in life; from school to art college, right through to going on to completing my Illustration Undergrad at Kingston University; I’ve never stopped drawing.

Navigating the ups and downs of being an artist in London whilst juggling other jobs to try and support myself until finally being able to take the leap to full time into my business in 2019, I can safely say that my passion for art has never failed me.

I think it’s important to always say yes to every creative opportunity that aligns with you, and that’s why today I have an extensive list of amazing clients that I am so lucky to have had and continue to work for. I just want the list to continue to grow!

The woman behind the art…

Midlands born and raised, London blossomed and bloomed. I’ve lived all over the capital for 14 years now; coming for the art and culture, and staying for the amazing friends and fab pubs. When I’m not painting or drawing, you’ll find me deep diving into second hand clothing shops, feeding my tattoo addiction, collecting unique jewellery or getting my nails done (oh and, at the pub with my mates of course).

She knows her way around a paintbrush

My true passion is for the hand drawn, and I’ve kept that ethos since the beginning of my artistic journey.

In a digital world; I think it’s important to celebrate the unpredictability and originality that is gained from applying paint to canvas, whilst also being adaptable.

It may not always be pen to paper, sometimes it’s Apple Pencil to iPad, but I must always be drawing by hand. More importantly in an ever growing digital environment, it’s vital to support independent creatives and showcase talent in a collaborative way that celebrates and benefits both the client and the artist.

What I can offer you

When you work with me, you’ll quickly understand that I love anything custom and bespoke, which breaks down into three main services; Weddings, Murals and Events.

Have an explore of my portfolios to decide which service best suits your needs.

Absolutely amazing service! A handmade made to order print of me and my partner, what arrived was beyond what I could have imagined. Really fast and easy working with Bee! So talented and a lovely small business to order from – thank you!


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